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October 25th - October 28th, 2017


If you have any questions regarding the 2017 TLOMA Conference, please feel free to contact any of the Conference Committee.


Bernard Quilty
Tel: 416-941-5407
E-Mail: bernard.quilty@dlapiper.com

Past Chair

Helen Lee
Tel: 416-982-3811
E-Mail: hlee@lexcanada.com   

Vice Chair

Debbie Tibbo
Tel: 416-360-4737
E-Mail: dtibbo@torkinmanes.com

Director of Administration, TLOMA

Liz Barrington
Tel: 416-410-1979 x 1
E-Mail: lbarrington@tloma.com

Administrative Assistant, TLOMA

Karen Gerhardt 
Tel: 416-410-1979 x 2
E-Mail: kgerhardt@tloma.com


Thank you to our 2017 Conference Platinum Sponsors